Treatment of lymph nodes

Lymph node or lymph node, called the body of the periphery of the lymphatic system. Lymph node plays the role of the biological filter, which passes through the lymph along with blood coming from all body parts and organs. In humans there are about 150 of the lymph nodes, called regional.

The status of lymph nodes speaks about the quality of the immune system of the body. In the absence of disease sites it is impossible to find. Inflammation of the lymph nodes can talk about that in the body began infectious-inflammatory processes.

Upon detection of enlarged lymph nodes is necessary to address to the doctor. Most likely, he will not find anything serious, but it is the increase of nodes is the main symptom of low current severe and intractable diseases. Isn't worth the risk, as even the most harmless disease when its omission of mind can lead to serious complications.

Do not start the treatment if detected isolated inflammation of the host after infection. This phenomenon is normal, because the lymph nodes play a direct role in fighting infection. After a time, the node itself will come back to normal.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes is called lymphadenitis. Its symptoms include an increase in knots, pain, and sometimes fever, weakness, and headache. There are also suppurative lymphadenitis. In the latter case, surgery is necessary to remove suppuration.

Treatment of lymph nodes begins with the elimination of the root causes inflammation. At this time, the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and homeopathic remedies. If pre lymphadenitis disease is infectious in nature, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. It is useful to go to physiotherapy. At home lymph nodes can lubricate Ichthyol ointment or ointment Vishnevskogo.

Treatment of lymph nodes folk remedies so popular. For this purpose, prepare herbal preparations having anti-inflammatory action. Decoctions on the basis of these charges taken for 6-9 weeks.

Effectively compresses, lotions and baths. For compress, you can use a mixture of alcohol and juice of celandine. They are mixed in equal shares. For children it is convenient to add to the bathroom a decoction of walnut leaves. When lymphadenitis recommended increased consumption of vitamin C.

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