Treatment of fracture of the hip

In the hip joint possible fracture of the thigh at the top (full or partial), but more often the neck of the femur that is located in the cavity of the hip joint below the head, rarely in the upper part of the femur in the intertrochanteric area.

The neck of the femur often break the elderly in their own apartment due to slippery floors, wrapped the ends of the rugs that slip under your feet, high skirting bath, low toilets that elderly people to get in and out is difficult due to pain in the joints. From the fall no one is safe on the slippery roads, streets, or with dimples where it is possible to tuck the leg and fall.

At fracture of the hip joint:

• occurs a sharp pain;

• damaged leg loses its function;

• possible eversion of the foot outward;

• nausea, dizziness and weakness;

• the skin at the site of the fracture will become pale and cold, sticky and bruises.

Before the arrival of the ambulance perform emergency treatment:

• Without moving the victim, he placed along the foot cushion of blankets.

• Cover the patient with a second blanket or a warm coat to eliminate heat loss and the occurrence of shock. Under the head enclose the pad and under the torso and healthy leg - warm blanket.

• Regularly check the pulse and note any changes in health. Drink and food should not be given - will require surgery with the introduction of anesthesia.

• In case of a fall on the street, immediately call an ambulance, because assistance may not follow.

In the hospital perform an operation when the offset fracture and use the cervical osteosynthesis of the femur using kanalirovannykh screws or anchoring devices. Is closed reposition and fixation of bone fragments with cervical structures and diaphyseal plates.

Older people with low level of physical condition performed hip replacement surgery (primary). Subtotal arthroplasty old patients perform depending on osteoporosis and degenerative changes.

Fracture of the bone of the thigh is not only due to the fall and osteoporosis bones, but due to hip dysplasia and sarcopenia. When installing the implant will need to be rebalanced gluteal muscles by increasing the "offset" and heads with a large diameter, in order to avoid dislocation of the prosthesis.

For the elderly apply cement to install components of the endoprosthesis so that they had the opportunity early on to carry the axial load on the limb that has undergone the surgery. It's much easier physically weak patients rehabilitation.

Vertelney fractures treated with reposition of bone fragments, returning anatomical cervico-diaphyseal angle and osteosynthesis as arthroplasty of the proximal thigh bones. Osteosynthesis performed using the proximal femoral nail (PFN) and DHS.

Vertelney fractures reversible (type A3) are treated by osteosynthesis using angular myshelovki plate (95) or DCS system.

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