Treatment of diseases of the breast

To offer qualified treatment of breast cancer, physicians should have complete information about this disease. Of course, this is only possible with the availability of highly qualified diagnostics carried out with the help of modern equipment, which is never wrong, however, as foreign doctors. There is a certain percentage of medical errors, but it is primarily associated with the unpredictability of the disease during treatment and in the wrong method. Diagnosis of diseases of the breast allows doctors to analyze the history, clinical picture. Also is palpable mammary gland - without that, traditionally, the method of diagnosis not do the doctors today.

The reasons for the appeal of women in foreign clinics are very diverse, but first place is the occurrence of cancer, including breast cancer. Fairly common in our days, a malignant tumor of breast cancer is treatable, but its success depends primarily on the degree of spread of the disease, and the age and General health of the woman. Fundamental role in the solution of this problem plays a surgical treatment for breast cancer, because now after the operation, you can say how for women will be favorable forecasts physicians.

Surgical treatment does not mean that a woman for life will be disabled, because not necessarily removes the breast completely, you can only remove the tumor. Of course, this requires that the cancer was identified in the primary stages of development. Otherwise, organ-sparing treatment of breast cancer will be impossible. When organ operations, doctors almost keeps the Breasts of a woman, but even if it is impossible to remove only the tumor, but it is necessary to perform a mastectomy - removal of the breast, immediately, during surgery is breast reconstruction.

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The use of new-generation implants have greatly expanded the capabilities of the Israeli surgeons and improved the quality of the reconstruction, because a woman gets a new chest, which is almost impossible to distinguish from the real one.

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