Treatment of degenerative disc disease and its complications

Osteochondrosis is a disease of the spine that occurs because of degeneration of the intervertebral disc, with a clear decrease of its height, sclerosing disk surfaces of the vertebrae, and reactive proliferation of marginal osteophytes.

Osteochondrosis is: cervical, thoracic lumbar, sacral and common. In most cases the occurrence of lumbar osteochondrosis of more than 50% of cervical degenerative disc disease over 25% and a spread of about 12%.

Causes of osteochondrosis.

As a rule, the development of the disease, people begin to feel after 35 years. The development and aggravation of degenerative disc disease can occur due to various injuries of the back, static and dynamic overloads and vibrations. In recent years, doctors with complaints of back pain, began to turn young people aged 18 - 30 years. This is due to the weak physical training, excess weight, curvature of the spine or flat feet.

The main symptoms of the disease.

In patients suffering from osteoarthritis causes frequent aching back pain, numbness and ache limbs. Also, if you start the disease is severe weight loss and atrophy of the limbs.

Treatment of osteochondrosis.

For the treatment of osteoarthritis conservative methods to eliminate pain, dysfunction of spinal roots, and prevent progressive degenerative changes in the spine, as well as medical treatment, for example, the drug alflutop, which contains bioactive concentrates small marine fish and helps cope with osteochondrosis. If conservative method does not work, carried out surgical treatment.

The duration of treatment of the disease depends on the severity of the disease, methods of treatment and follow all recommendations of the doctor. The treatment begins with a conservative method and takes an average of 1-3 months, and if necessary, surgery, recovery takes about a year.

Conservative methods of treatment of osteoarthritis may include:

Therapeutic exercise - exercise for special rehabilitation equipment and joint exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular corset, correcting posture, develop correct patterns of movement.

Physiotherapy is used for the treatment of currents of low frequency, laser, magnetic field, etc. Method is used to relieve pain, various inflammatory processes, promotes a speedy recovery after surgery.

Massage is used to relieve muscle pain and stress, improve blood circulation and relaxes the entire body.

Manual therapy - this method focuses on the individual effects on the musculoskeletal system to eliminate severe pain in the spine and joints, as well as for posture correction.

Spine traction (traction) is a method of treatment involves an increase intervertebral space, restoring the correct form of the posture using special equipment, with the selection of individual load.

Reflexology is a method based on the effects on reflex and acupuncture areas of human rights, with the aim of relieving pain syndromes, sleep disorders and mental imbalance, accompanied with osteochondrosis.

Drug therapy - appointed by the exacerbation of the disease to relieve pain, various inflammatory processes and enhance the metabolism, using intravenous and intramuscular injections of drugs.

All of these treatment methods are highly effective, but more stable therapeutic effect is only if you combine them with exercise rehabilitation equipment to create a complete muscular.

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