Treatment of chronic constipation diet

Proper diet plays an important role in the treatment of chronic constipation, choosing the right diet is the key to the normalization of stool consistency and frequency of emptying.

Before proceeding to the basic principles of diet therapy of chronic constipation, will dispel some of the prevailing myths that are prevalent in the masses due to active advertising dairy products. There is absolutely unfounded myth that adding in the diet is useful fermented dairy products containing Lactobacillus improve the intestinal microflora and a normal stools. The latest authoritative clinical studies have shown that dairy products do not improve the condition of the person suffering from chronic constipation, normalizes stools only diet that contains sufficient amounts of dietary fiber.

Therapeutic diet for constipation should be rich in plant fiber, the person should consume per day from 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid. Contraindicated "easy" food - that is, the dishes are almost devoid of fibers, these include pureed soups, mashed potatoes.

It is important to remember that the abrupt change of diet may worsen the disease, so it is recommended to gradually increase the content of crude fiber. This will avoid a sharp increase peristalsis of the bowel, bloating and many other discomforts.

Will focus on foods that contain a lot of correct fiber:

- bakery products made of ferrous varieties and varieties that contain bran, all major cereals (oat, buckwheat, barley and others),

- raw vegetables and fruits, steamed vegetables. With the increased flatulence from the list should be excluded a large number of cabbage, spinach and beans;

Except for products containing fibre in the diet for the treatment of constipation add products that improve the promotion of feces through the intestines - jellies, dairy products, white wine, mineral water.

Excluded from the diet of foods that worsen intestinal peristalsis and "dehydrate" the stool which leads to their seal - strong coffee and black tea, red wine, cocoa, sweets, semolina and rice porridge, with dried blueberries.

If you have constipation - treatment should be complex. In the foreground are well-chosen diet, which is reinforced by a modern and effective drugs.

Of medicinal products for the treatment of constipation allocate funds, which softens the stool retain fluid in them, stimulate defecation and regulate bowel motility. Find the right drug for the treatment of constipation can your doctor. You can only say that stimulants are used in extreme cases, their effect is not physiological for the body and can lead to serious health consequences.

If you want fast get results, you have to empty the bowel, it is better to use softening agents, which are applied in the form of enemas and soften hard feces weight, thereby improving their slipping through the intestines.

In chronic constipation, you should follow a diet and if you want to add osmotic laxatives are substances that delay the fluid in the stool, however, saving them the capacity and improving the slip through the intestines and restore intestinal flora.

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Regulators motor skills are used in the so-called spastic constipation, which are formed when weak peristalsis of the bowel.

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