Treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease

Cervical osteochondrosis familiar to many people around the world. Often osteochondrosis is manifested by numbness and tingling of muscles and pain in the neck, her back. To the disease may occur with trauma, serious physical exertion or fall, which leads to rupture of the disc, but the main factor is the disk wear vertebra in the process of life.

Used for the treatment of drug and no drug methods.

1.Begins treatment with the withdrawal symptoms. Rational use of ointments: anti-inflammatory, bio-stimulating, regenerating, pain, irritation and vasodilator actions.

Cream with bee venom, mummy, propolis, wax applied by massage therapists. Excellent impact homeopathic ointment with natural components, eliminating inflammation and pain symptoms.

After the swelling and pain will be removed, the swelling will decrease and pinched nerve roots will stop that will relieve the symptoms. Then you can use other means to treat degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine.

2.No medications:

1. The massage.

2. Good effect and hirudotherapy treatment with leeches osteochondrosis of a cervical Department. When you bite leeches injected into the wound useful enzymes, which stimulate blood circulation in the spine. Just after one year the patient's health is greatly improved.

3. Good effect of cryotherapy, which improves blood flow to the right place.

4. Applied and adjuvant - neck collar, reducing the pressure of the bones at each other, strengthening and training the muscles.

3.To restore the flexibility of the neck, to relieve swelling, tension will help exercises that you can perform with your doctor's permission. A few exercises that are running during the day:

• slow stretch the neck a slow tilt of the head in different directions;

• lifting his chin on the most up;

• pressing an ear to each shoulder in turn.

4. Ointment with chondroprotective effect, can help slow down the degenerative processes and cartilage repair. Together with chondroprotective accepted as a vasodilator in the form of tablets or injections to promote better penetration of nutrients into the vertebral segments.

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Cervical osteochondrosis, an incurable disease, but with the right approach to treatment quality of life increases significantly.

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