Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome in the clinic orthopedics

Carpal tunnel syndrome tunnel neuropathy in which there is compression of the median nerve between the three derivately flexor tendons and the bone walls. As a result of compression of the nerve in a patient with pain, tingling and numbness of the hand.

The reasons for the development

The cause is compression of the median nerve in the wrist area that leads to inflammation and swelling within the carpal canal and joint. Usually carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in older women (40-60 years), but today marks the rejuvenation of the disease, and the reason for that long daily work on the computer. Note that carpal tunnel syndrome is often found sign language interpreters, racing, drummers, and among workers performing monotonous Shebalino-extensor movement of the brushes, for example, when assembling any devices.

Possible causes for the development of carpal tunnel syndrome are:

Symptoms and diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The disease is characterized by pain in the wrist area, which may last for several months. Without treatment, a gradual weakening and wasting of the muscles of the fingers.

To diagnose the disease is not difficult, it must pass a series of tests, for example, tests of Tinola and Falena, however, the main method of diagnosis remains electromyography, which allows to determine the localization of lesions of the nerve and causes of the disease.

Note that in the absence of treatment may full permanent damage to the median nerve, leading to serious violations of hand function.


Currently, the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated by medication, non-pharmacological and surgical.

In the first case, the treatment is based on the medication with the aim of eliminating the causes of the disease, reduce pain and swelling. Therapies based on immobilization of the wrist, allowing the brush is at rest and reduced impact on the median nerve.

Surgical treatment is recommended for people whose symptoms do not disappear within 6 months. Note that during the operation there is a separation of bundles of connective tissue, which helps to reduce pressure on the median nerve.

In conclusion, we would add that the clinic of Orthopaedics and traumatology will accurately diagnose the disease and to choose the best method of treatment.

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