Treatment of cancer - the prerogative of the rich

Leading expert health care UK Professor Karol Sikora said that the most effective cancer treatments available exclusively to the rich, because the cost of treating the average cost is £ 1 million. As to provide such expensive treatment to all in need is not possible, the most effective treatment can be obtained only by those who can afford to pay for it himself.

The former head of the Department for combating cancers, the world Health Organization stated that over the next few years are probably the most effective methods of cancer treatment will be available only to the rich. Eight of the most modern drugs against cancer will be too costly for the public service health.

And 600 million pounds, which highlights the government to buy drugs from cancer annually for the population, insufficient amount to provide treatment to those in need, especially in terms of increased life expectancy of cancer patients.

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Advanced treatment per patient cost of £ 1 million.

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