Treatment of brain tumors

Brain tumors are classified into tumor intracerebral and extracerebral origin. To extracerebral formations include pathology of the meninges (meningioma), cranial bones (osteoblastogenesis), paranasal cavities (cavernous angioma) and others.

Depending on the localization of the primary tumor can be distinguished primary tumors that formed in the brain, and secondary, which proceed from cancer screenings cancer of other organs.

A question about the indications for treatment of brain tumors is decided individually for each patient. If the diagnosis is benign neoplasm, with slow growth does not cause clinical symptoms and are located away from the vital centers, patients are recommended to have regular checkups to monitor the tumor. However for malignant tumors, such as medulloblastoma - treatment must be carried out in any case.

The goal of surgical treatment is complete excision of the tumor or its partial destruction, aimed at reducing clinical symptoms. Tumors of internal organs surgical treatment is aimed at destruction of lesion capture healthy tissues, which in the case of brain tumors is invalid because of the importance of each plot.

To access the tumor is opening the skull. After the intervention of the operating wound is closed with bone graft. Possible strengthening of the skull special metal plates for protection of brain structures from damage.

Surgical treatment of brain tumors is traumatic enough, so in Israel as possible is used stereotactic surgery, defines non-surgical intervention. However, if the tumor exceeds the permissible diameter and has aggressive symptoms, then you can remove it only by surgery.

This method of non-surgical removal of tumors based on the effects of high doses of radiation directly to the pathologic lesion. Before the procedure is performed imaging of the brain and determined the exact location and size of the tumor. The data are entered into the transmitter, which sends a beam of radiation to the tumor without damaging brain tissue.

Stereotactic surgery is used when the primary and secondary formations, as well as tumors located near vital centres of the brain. This method can be used for immunocompromised patients with contraindications for surgery.

Endoscopic surgery is widely used in medicine. They are through access to major arteries, without damaging other parts of the body. Endoscopic treatment of brain is possible with the introduction of the endoscope through the nasal passage of the patient. However, so usually removed benign tumors.

Radiation therapy brain is used or when it is impossible to remove the tumor surgically, or when in the course of the operation were excised not all malignant elements. Depending on the type of education there are different methods of radiation therapy, which involve focal irradiation of the brain that would not cause the death of neurons in the healthy areas. Radiotherapy is carried out in two ways:

Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment approach based on the introduction of drugs intravenously or orally. As for tumors of the brain cytostatics can be entered through the liquor. Usually within one course is assigned to several groups of chemotherapeutic drugs, which in combination produce a good therapeutic effect.

The positive result achieved by chemotherapy, increases in local beam irradiation of education.

Combining surgical treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy doctors able to fully cope with cancer of the Central nervous system. With all this modern modification of the traditional methods define safe treatment of brain tumors, which can be used both in children and in elderly patients.

For more detailed information treatment in clinics of Israel.

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