Treatment of adolescent drug abuse

The treatment of adolescent drug dependence is dedicated to them hospital, separately from adult patients. Adolescents are under constant surveillance, as here they collide with other addicts that involuntarily extend their experience and communication.

Treatment of drug addiction among adolescents in several stages.

1.The removal of the child from drugs and help during the withdrawal symptoms, the relief of it.

2.Correct the behavior of the teenager and the elimination of factors intoxication, which is especially acute in the initial time after a full rejection drugs.

3.Work with your teenager to his conscious rejection drugs, as well as conducting training sessions with a psychotherapist.

4.Supportive therapy and a variety of activities in the rehabilitation period.

The first stage starts from the moment the teenager was admitted to the hospital and there was a complete rejection drugs. In this period, have been disintoxicate his body and fight abstinenceonly manifestations.

Only teenagers taking barbiturates, appointed ½ usual dose of the drug during the first three days, and ¼ - in the next 4 days.

Subsequent treatment of adolescents occurs depending on their condition and by taking into consideration the following principles:

- treatment should not be interrupted, and after the hospital 2 months, teenager, being at home, periodically undergoing therapy that supports the body and allows you to experience a relapse of the disease;

- selected treatment on an individual basis, taking into account all features of the patient: nature, health, living conditions, duration of drug use;

the treatment is comprehensive with drugs, the involvement of the therapist and sociologist;

- during and after the treatment teen should abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, any narcotic drugs.

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Only with mutual understanding of a teenager, doctors addiction clinic and teen addiction that will lead the child on, maybe a full recovery from addiction.

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