Treatment of adenoids in children

Adenoids are small education in the nasopharynx. If the child is susceptible to colds, the adenoids can grow, to swell, which leads to difficulty breathing. Enlarged adenoids affect the nervous system, blood, kidney function, the development of teeth and speech development.

Unfortunately, no one drops not able to cope with adenoidal. If the child adenoiditis, chronic inflammation of the adenoid tissue, it is necessary to try all available methods of treatment, and only if they do not yield results, you can decide on surgery.

Often, after surgery to remove the adenoids, after some time in the nasopharynx child again experience unwanted education. Often this effect is observed in young children, or, if the surgical treatment was performed by an inexperienced surgeon.

Before deciding on the surgery, the child should be examined by several specialists. It stands to communicate with patients who were treated from them earlier, to get feedback about the professional qualities of the specialist.

Today, there are many ways of treatment of adenoids, which are able to deliver him from tumors without surgical intervention. One of the innovative effective methods is the removal of adenoids in children with a laser. Today laser therapy is quite popular and in demand, as are the side effects will be minimal.

The laser beam directly affects the blood vessels, thus, restoring the immune system, reducing swelling and eliminating inflammation. Laser therapy can effectively recover breath, and to allow for easy penetration of air into the body.

Typically, laser therapy is carried out in two stages. First, the laser is used to relieve inflammation, resume, immune cells, improve metabolism, then spend the prevention of inflammation in the nasopharynx.

Laser therapy can facilitate the progress of the disease, but adenoids to reduce it is not capable. It is not an alternative to surgery, but only able to provide a supporting effect on the child's body. Doctors usually four courses of laser therapy in the year, each of which consists of 10 sessions.

Good effect in the treatment of adenoids in children can be achieved by applying the methods of homeopathy. A good specialist is able to find a good and effective homeopathic remedies, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child.

One of the most frequent causes of adenoids in children is a bad immune system. This problem can easily cope homeopathic remedies.

Do not use in the treatment of adenoids in children vasoconstrictive drops. If they use too much, it may be unsafe for a child's life. You should use soft treating drops and sprays, wash.

Excellent results can be obtained by combining homeopathic treatment with laser therapy. To complement the treatment folk remedies: the use of celandine beet juice, inhalations with essential oils, the nasal lavage sea salt, etc.

Remember, once you discover their child's adenoids, you need to immediately start treatment. It is from your attentiveness and responsiveness depends on the health of your child!

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