Treatment of a hernia of a backbone in the home

The emergence of a herniated disc, a complex form of degenerative disc disease, promote long-term presence of the spine in the wrong position, inadequate physical activity and non-compliance with drinking water treatment.

Usually, when herniated discs first use traditional methods of conservative and traditional medicine. In case of occurrence of neurological complications, disorders of sensation, motor activity person surgery is shown. In any case, the correct diagnosis is able to supply only a specialist, so when symptoms of diseases of the spine, you must contact the medical facility and undergo a mandatory inspection.

Herniated disc may disappear on their own, but do not have high hopes for a similar outcome. With prompt diagnosis and treatment must be strictly adhered to all requirements of a doctor. After consulting with a specialist drug solution can be supplemented with folk remedies and gymnastics.

During exacerbation of the disease to reduce pain and eliminate various inflammatory phenomena using complex events, which are specially designed for such cases. Excellent prevention of relapse will be therapeutic exercises with the hernia, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the spine and form a corset that is required for fixation of the spine in the correct position.

With worsening herniated disc should avoid postures and movements, which can increase pain. The spine should ensure the highest possible functional peace. Physical activity need to expand gradually as the pain subsided. If you have pain pills (naproxen, ibuprofen), then they can be taken to alleviate the state.

Gradually the pain will subside. You should do as much physical activity, strengthening the spinal muscles as soon as it becomes possible. Healthy strong muscle corset will be a valid defense against a recurrence of the hernia.

In the sanatorium treatment of herniated disc involves daily exercise. For each patient, an individual training program. However, if desired, simple exercises you can perform at home. Of course, this will require willpower, after all, to work on themselves will have daily, but still, the result is worth it.

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