Treatment for dry hair

Even from nature healthy hair, due to regular external influences on them, can very quickly become dry. This can cause frequent coloring, blow-drying, heat styling, the use of special tools for fixing hairstyles and so on, If not to sound the alarm and start to take care of such exhausted hair, then soon they will lose their attractive appearance and will look like straw. By the way, for some women, the hair can be by nature dry, even if they don't paint them and do not even use a Hairdryer. Of course, by nature dry, they can not be. Most likely, the problem is inside, i.e., the body lacks vitamins, etc.

And in fact, in another case, it is necessary to take care of hair. First of all, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to restore the health of the scalp, because it arises the problem of dry hair, it lacks nutrition, vitamins. If dry hair is accompanied by itching dandruff, dandruff on time have to forget, because they are even more dry scalp. Need to focus their attention on tools designed for dry skin. After washing hair better rinse water with lemon juice or vinegar, because the acidified water in the end gives the hair more Shine.

It is also important to nourish the scalp. It's enough to make masks, and at home, without spending lots of money on salon treatments. In the Internet you can find a lot of recipes of masks for dry hair. The most popular ingredients are sour cream, yogurt, honey, glycerin, burdock oil, etc. But here we must be careful. You should not do them more than twice a week, for best effect, do not need to overdo the mask on the hair longer than expected.

In recent years, many beauticians advise to use hair creams for the face. It is better to buy them in the pharmacy. It should be a cream for dry skin. It area by area should be rubbed into the scalp, keep so 40 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

On the condition of the hair and scalp can have a negative impact and water, which wash the head, for example, if it is too hard or contains chlorine. Very important and human nutrition. When the lack of vitamins and minerals that a person needs to get from food, will suffer and skin, and hair. Negative affect and bad habits, so in the treatment, you must abandon them and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

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