Treat baby teeth in children

As a rule, any loving parent believes that he knows all about diseases of deciduous teeth own child. But is it true? The consequences of neglecting to clean the oral cavity?

Why care for the health of your teeth since childhood?

Caring for the oral cavity is relevant both for children and for adults. If there is cleansing, pathogenic bacteria begin to form plaque. Acidic plaque shall destroy the enamel. And the enamel of children's milk teeth are very thin, and harmful bacteria can easily get to the dentin. Once the bacteria begin to break down enamel, decay, and sometimes even the pulpit and other complications. Moreover, the structure of children's teeth is that your child may not feel pain. But the help he needs.

Of course, today, children dentistry has become more perfect. No-one treats the teeth without anesthesia with tears and bitter wailing. This contributes to new painkillers, and modern tools and equipment. Also very important special approach to young patients.

To treat or not to treat baby teeth?

It's no secret - baby tooth decay causes circulation to the dentist for the first time in my life. And, of course, negative or positive experiences with the dentist, will further the child's relationship to his teeth. Already during the first visit by a qualified dentist is an individual prevention plan and, if necessary, treatment based on the examination of a young patient. You should not put off visiting the doctor. If the decay has not yet developed, and to adapt to the doctor your child will be much easier.

But what if the baby is terrified of pain? Here, too, there is an exit - treatment of primary teeth under General anesthesia. Some parents don't want to resort to this method, and yet it has obvious advantages:

• quality of care remains high, special drugs reduce the formation of saliva, the risk of complications after tooth extraction is minimal;• per visit can be cured either remove all diseased teeth;• the child does not feel emotional stress, sees no tools;• pain sensitivity is completely absent, as well as tactile - 't feel pressure, vibration, and compression.

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Do not skimp on the treatment of children's milk teeth! Because this attitude will cause serious dental health problems in the future. The problems with the permanent teeth will require long-term treatment and, of course, very expensive.

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