Treat a viral infection

While SARS - autumn and winter, it can overtake us and in other seasons, especially in spring and summer too. In time the measures usually help to prevent serious complications and put the patient on his feet.

When a viral infection, usually a sore throat and tickle the nose is stuffed up, you receive a dry cough and low grade fever. Sometimes the patient feels sleepy, he has a headache and tears. If the infection is not treated, can occur as complications of bronchitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.

Once manifested the first symptoms, immediately take measures to stop the disease and quickly to get rid of it. Well soar feet in hot water and mustard powder (3 tablespoons per bowl). Keep your feet in water for half an hour and constantly pouring hot water so that the water temperature did not fall below 40 degrees. Then you have to wipe my feet, put on wool socks, drink hot tea with honey and go to bed. Three days of such procedures, and the disease will go away.

During the SARS need to consume a lot of fluids. The best option is the broth rosehip, cranberry, tea with lemon. All these drinks contain a lot of vitamin C. But fruit juices, herbal teas and mineral water with alkali useful not less. Thanks to a generous drink sputum in the lungs diluted and much easier of them is displayed, and this contributes to the fact that the cough goes away quickly.

It is useful as a gargle for the throat. You can brew chamomile, add in warm water, iodized salt and soda. Sometimes when ARI is extremely difficult swallowing. In this case, you must use an antiseptic spray for the throat.

If there is swelling of the nose, it can drip vasoconstrictive drops. If the runny nose is as strong as the addition to the drops, you can use the juice of Kalanchoe or aloe.

Sometimes the opportunity to rest at home for 2 or 3 days not submitted. Then you need to enlist the help of antiviral medications. Thanks to them, supports the immune system and the healing process is faster. But these funds should not be taken continuously. Immunity they certainly support, but also prevent him / her to resist the virus. And in this case the next cold will require already taking these medications immediately and independently of the organism to cope with it can not.

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