Travel is an excellent prevention of heart attacks and depression - scientists

Scientists believe travel is an excellent prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and mental disorders. The change of environment reduces the risk of heart attack, relieves symptoms of depression, gives a person a burst of energy and positive energy. The data were confirmed in the study, scientists from the Transamerica center for pension research. However, scientists have noted that family trips have a more powerful effect than a single.

The present study proves the usefulness of the changing environment. The opening of new frontiers is always getting new impressions and emotions. The opening of the new allows you to save memory, flexibility of mind and improve your mood. Research has proven that women that are at the same place for more than six years have an increased risk of developing heart attacks and depression, and men who refuse paid leave in favor of receiving money on 20% more likely to die from heart disease in middle age.

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Note that the main purpose of the trip for most is having fun and a change of scenery. A smaller part of socializing with new people and raise their cultural level. A separate group live permanently in the journey to have a lot of interesting contacts.

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