Transgenic vegetables as medicine against flu

To make the flu more effective, scientists from St. Petersburg state University have created transgenic plants. In the genome of these plants, the scientists introduced gene interferon, a protein that strengthens the immune system. These plants included tobacco, carrots and peas.

According to one of the participants in the experiment, candidate of biological Sciences Vladislav Emelyanov, mi were created for the plants was made by inserting a gene of interferon. It is known that this protein is isolated cells of the immune system to enhance immune response. These plants can be eaten in prevention. During the flu epidemic, you can prepare the salad transgenic carrot and eating these vegetables after vaccination significantly enhance the immune response.

While scientists continue to work on his brainchild, transgenic vegetables are supposed to be used in veterinary medicine and agriculture. But study leader Professor Lyudmila Lutova confident that this development of Russian scientists has a great future

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