TRANS-fats for the brain, dangerous women

The so-called TRANS-fats or saturated fats, which in very large quantities in the products offered by widely ramified network of fast food, not only harm the cardiovascular system, but also have a negative effect on brain activity - such a disappointing conclusion recently reached by scientists.

According to a study recently published in the journal Women's Health Study, which suggests that poor diet significantly reduces a woman's ability to concentrate, remember a certain amount of information, but also seriously impairs cognitive thinking.

For four years the researchers have tested a total of about 40 thousand women in the age category of 45 years. "We found that the total amount of fat consumed by women, in no way affects the performance of her brain. Important here is the point - what kind of fats, and how they originate. Within four years of testing, the indicators of cognitive thinking women who ate relatively correctly, could be reduced just a percent or two, while he remained on average unchanged, and quite often showed growth. Among women who consumed large quantities of TRANS-fats at the same time, the reduction of the possibilities of thinking and reasoning in four years could be reduced 30-40%, which is quite high. Of course, this negatively affects the likelihood of such dangerous diseases as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease" says Olivia Okereke (Olivia Okereke) one of the authors of the study.

Meanwhile in the control group there was a decrease in almost all indicators of activity of brain activity. According to researchers, that similar work confirm the myth that products purchased in fast food chains, people are becoming more stupid, actually it is not a superstition. At the same time the studies were conducted exclusively in women, due to the fact that certain aspects of brain function in women and men may differ, and the scientists did not want to prevent gender-based error. In the near future is planned to conduct separate studies on the same topic, but with participation exclusively of representatives of the male part of the population.

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