Training videos are useless?

Scientists have found that children are not able to effectively learn new words while viewing a training video for young children. In addition, they argue that children must be taught exclusively by means of live communication. The authorship of this research belongs to the scientists from the American society for the study of child development. They believe that the child can remember the words, only the conversation with parents, teachers, at least - communication video communication online.

The fact that a video lessons not sent directly to the child, that is why he is not able to successfully assimilate the information. As a result, the process of such training is purely one-sided and is for children is not an effective method.

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For the experiment, scientists have tried to teach 30 children under the age of two years. It was created two groups. One group studied by means of live communication with teachers, the other taught verbs through video lessons. The study, RIA Novosti reported, showed the ineffectiveness of indirect communication for children up to two years.

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