Training make more positive person - scientists

Scientists believe regular exercise protects from stress, set it in a positive way, allow us to see the world in brighter colors, writes Live Science. In the study, 66 volunteers watched the cartoon, where the figure was constantly moving towards the viewer or away from the viewer.

Note, to view the cartoon volunteers ran, walked on the treadmill or ratting. After the test, the people involved in the sport, believed the figure on the screen less threatening and dangerous. Loafers, on the contrary, it was difficult to argue that the figure does not carry any threat.

Anxiety is one of the factors that influence the development of depression. Scientists believe that exercise can significantly improve not only physical, but also mental well-being. When combining loads, aimed at increasing muscle strength and relaxation (running and yoga, for example), you can achieve excellent results and to significantly improve self-esteem.

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