Traffic jams can cause nervous disorders

Researchers from the University of California, Irvine as a result of the study concluded that traffic jams can lead to mental disorders that will occur after ten years, reported in the journal Psychological Science. In the mid-nineties, scientists conducted a survey, which was attended by 800 people in the age group from 25 to 74 years. The survey became restless condition, anxiety, sleep problems and lack of energy of the respondents and the frequency of such of their effects. Exactly ten years later, in the middle of zero, the researchers conducted a similar survey.

As shown by the results of a study of mental health in General does not depend on global factors, but from small shocks, such as, for example, the conflict on the road or tube. Scientists have noted that the daily negative reaction to what is happening accumulates and can manifest as disorders of psychological problems in later life. This is why researchers in their study is recommended not to let the little things ruin your life and not get upset over nothing. It is from these, as it seems, trivia, add up the days, which then turn into years. Scientists Express their regret that many people turn to professionals only in the case when the results of a mental disorder become apparent. It should also be noted that another study called the traffic jams in Moscow the longest, and maybe that's why Russian drivers so often behave aggressively.

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