Toxins poor people in composition different from toxins rich

For many years it was believed that the amount of toxins in the body is directly dependent on the magnitude of his monthly income. But, according to the publication, thanks to the research of Jessica Tyrrell and a group of scientists from the University of Exterra, proved the opposite.

Using data from the American research centre for food and health, were graphs of the relationship between composition and quantity of chemicals in the body and social status of the person. Initially it was expected that the poor have a much larger number of poisons in the body, but it was not so.

Of course, harmful substances accumulate in every living organism, but their number depends on human well-being. For example, the composition of the toxins rich people consists mainly of chemicals fish, seafood and expensive cosmetics, and poor people are the main changes in the composition of the slag occurs mainly due to Smoking and drinking excessive amounts of carbohydrates (bread, pasta etc).

In addition, income communities, increasing amounts of arsenic, mercury, cesium in urine and feces, which indicates the violation of certain metabolic processes in the body. The deterioration of the diet and bad habits leads to accumulation in the body of lead and antimony, which can cause disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, diabetes, cancer.

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So just using the General analysis of blood and urine, it is possible to know whether a man lives a rich lifestyle, or just wishful thinking.

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