Toxins from air, water and food is dangerous to the brain of the child

The world is filled with potentially dangerous chemical compounds. Particularly severe damage they can cause growing body. Toxins are contained everywhere: in air, water, food. Some of them are not dangerous, others can cause irreparable harm to health, says Zee News.

In children the toxins affect the nervous system. The danger of organophosphorus pesticides, diphenyl ethers, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, particles of lead and mercury. Children should be protected from contact with these compounds. Proper nutrition and water filters – the minimum that must be met by parents to have their child grow up healthy.

With young children should be walked in parks and forests. There the concentrations of heavy metals in the air are not as high. Doctors recommend to undergo regular screening for early detection of diseases and treatment of the child from them.

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