Toxemia of pregnancy increases the probability of lagging behind the development of the child

Toxemia of pregnancy is often accompanied by vomiting. Scientists have noticed, the condition rarely goes unnoticed and affects the health of the unborn child. During recent research it has been found vomiting in pregnant women increases the likelihood of lagging development in the child. Information published in The Daily Mail.

Scientists from the University of California conducted a survey of 481 of the child 2007-2011 birth. In 70% of cases of pregnancy in mothers proceeded with toxicosis. Further analysis showed that the mother, who was suffering from vomiting pregnant, gave birth to children with developmental disabilities at 3.28 times more often.

The studies conducted earlier have been installed and other facts. Morning sickness increases the risk of mental disorders in the child, reducing his body mass. Now scientists are searching for genes responsible for the disease process. Doctors suggest that you adhere to all the recommendations of the attending physician during pregnancy to attend antenatal services to reduce all possible manifestations of disease and the degree of their influence on the child.

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