Toxemia during pregnancy - what to do?

“Toxicity” - almost all of us have heard this word. Let's find out what's under it is hidden.

Many young mothers in the first weeks of pregnancy complaining of nausea and malaise. This is due to hormonal changes in a woman's body. Because the placenta is not formed, and the waste products of a child who is already living in the belly of his life, into the blood, and called this state.

When toxicosis appear symptoms such as swelling, increased blood pressure, detected protein in the urine. But all this can be avoided if the mother regularly visiting the doctor, eat well and lead a healthy life.It is generally accepted that the severity of toxicity is strongly influenced by lifestyle. Therefore, women living in the village (where the air is clean and all the food from my garden), susceptible to toxicosis during pregnancy is much less than townswoman. We cannot ignore the factor of heredity. It was found that if the mother at one time practically does not suffer from this disease, and her daughter, too, will not be exposed to it. Generally, the most highly toxic suffer women who are becoming mothers for the first time. It should also be considered.

The first 16 weeks of pregnancy should just patiently wait. If the mother is constantly accompanied by nausea and vomiting, which do not allow her to live a normal life, you need to consult a doctor. He will choose soft drugs, which will help to get rid of this condition. From the popular media helps decoction of mint.

But after 16 weeks already placenta is formed, serving as a kind of filter. Then the signs of toxicosis should disappear. If this does not happen, the expectant mother should be wary, because the toxicity can be masked most banal poisoning.

To prevent toxicity, it is desirable to exclude from the diet meals and foods with a strong odor, such as coffee, onions, garlic, various sauces. Need more fresh air to breathe, but most importantly - the pregnant woman must be surrounded by an aura of love and understanding. Let the household come in her position and will show the utmost care and attention. It is also important not to overload yourself with work.

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We found out that everything is not as scary as it might seem. You just think of how much joy you will bring to motherhood. Indeed, the very fact that lives inside the little man is already a miracle!

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