Lies and insults is a typical reaction of a child to the full control of parents, say experts from the University of Vermont. Raising children is a more complicated process than trying to follow the life of the baby.

The study involved 180 volunteers from among the students, mostly girls. To the body of the test subjects, scientists have attached sensors to sweating. Increased sweating along with the stress hormone says about the body's reaction to the unexpected, writes The Daily Mail.

Volunteers were asked to describe a bad situation, for example, separation from a loved one or a fight with your roommate. People who are prone to increased sweating upset from my story stronger. Moreover, they appeared in a certain degree of aggression.

Scientists have also linked the degree of control over volunteers in childhood with aggression in older years. It turned out that the freedom of parents made students less aggressive. Therefore, experts advise to give the child more opportunities for self-expression and limit, justifying their actions.

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