TOP 5 professions that cause problems with sex in men

Scientists from the University of Manchester for a long time studied the sexual activity of men engaged in various occupations, and found that each profession or position, one way or another, affects the private life of the male half of the population.

The study is based on the study of harmful habits, environments and stressful situations of a person who is a representative of any profession.

In the first place on the problems of sex are businessmen. Scientists appreciate their presence as a result of stress, which is constantly exposed people who are engaged in business. Most of the time business representatives have on a daily bustle, or, conversely, on a permanent seat in the chair to resolve problems with competitors. Businessmen eat irregularly, that is bad for their health. And the sex they do not have neither the time nor the desire.

Second place in this ranking are occupied by people in uniform: police, military, security guards, which is associated with risk for life. They are so involved in their work, even in bed with the woman cannot escape from it. This puts a bad mark on a sexual relationship because not every woman will tolerate the commander of the bed itself.

The top three close people of creative professions. Artists and musicians often sublimate sexual energy into my work, and sex, as such, forces they do not have. In addition, they are often in close relationship with the "green snake", and this habit always was bad sex, and not only the health of men.

Fourth and fifth places are occupied by employees hard work and athletes respectively. First, in this case, everything is clear. Every day they spend so much energy on the work that comes home, it is often not up to sex. But athletes, scientists did not expect to meet at the list. It would seem that people engaged in sports, sex shouldn't be.

The reason is very simple - frequent injuries, the mode and constant training. Athletes just don't have time to find a suitable partner. In addition, for every professional athlete sex before competition is taboo. Thus it appears that athletes are healthy, but not as a lifestyle.

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