Too good to push

More and more mothers resort to caesarean section at delivery. Over the last thirty years has significantly increased the number of children born by caesarean section. Open English journal of scientific news BioMed Central published data concerning the economic and social situation of mothers who prefer a caesarean section and natural birth.

Before the artificial delivery was sometimes the only way to save the life of the child and the mother, the disadvantages of using artificial birth could be the consequences of poorly performed surgery and prolongation of stay of mother in the hospital. Hospital records show that thirty years ago the majority of operations to conduct artificial birth was conducted among mothers belonging to disadvantaged sections of society. Twenty years ago, the number of operations among advantaged and disadvantaged mothers became equal. However, to date, statistics show that mothers with a good level of wealth and high social position prefer childbirth cesarean section, even if it is not necessary for medical reasons.

Dr. Ruth Dundas from the medical research Council notes that the objective of health care is to ensure that all pregnant women regardless of income level of care equal level.

Doctors of the world are concerned by the fact that the issue of artificial birth is solved on the basis of material evidence, and not in accordance with medical prescriptions. They are concerned that the increase in the number of operations by caesarean section among disadvantaged automatically reduces their quota among poorer people, even if such service is no longer needed.

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