Tonsillitis - treatment and symptoms

Infection of the upper respiratory tract, manifested by inflammation in the area of the tonsils, is the medical name for tonsillitis. The nature of the flow are acute tonsillitis (angina) and chronic. Up to 15% of children and up to 10% of the adult population suffer from chronic tonsillitis.

Causes of

Acute tonsillitis cause streptococci and viruses, very rarely, chlamydia and Mycoplasma. The infection is transmitted from infected carriers airborne.

If the treatment was assigned incorrectly or was not conducted, the human organism is weakened or susceptible to other chronic diseases, acute tonsillitis can become chronic. Chronic tonsillitis is an infection, which weakens the body and affects its agencies. Complications often related to the kidneys and heart.


When acute tonsillitis temperature quickly rises to 39°C, a man tormented by fever, headache, sore throat that gets worse when swallowing, pain in the joints and muscles. If there are no complications, then after 5-7 days the main clinical symptoms disappear, but another 10-12 days the lymph nodes of the patient can be increased. Frequently recurring sore throat is the main symptom of chronic tonsillitis.


Treatment of tonsillitis hold conservative methods:

- antibiotic therapy;

- a lavage of tonsils, removal of purulent tubes;

- lubricate the surface of the gland Lugol solution;

- physical therapy.

To speed recovery and to prevent the development of complications the patient is recommended bed rest. Physical activity is contraindicated.Alkaline drinking plenty of fluids helps to eliminate from the body of the patient of the causative organisms and their decay products. When purulent tonsillitis necessarily used antibiotics and drugs that relieve swelling and reduce allergic condition (antihistamines).

In patients with chronic tonsillitis courses of conservative treatment, the patient should be held twice a year. If it does not give positive results, applied surgical method of treatment (tonsillotomy or using the cryomethod).

For the prevention of acute tonsillitis need to keep in tone the immune system, maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice tempering procedures.

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