Toning massage

Restorative massage has on the body stimulating effect. He is able to bring people from a condition of drowsiness, lethargy, apathy, to create a sense of vitality, a burst of energy.

Thanks to the toning massage in the human body:

• activates metabolic processes;

• stabilizes the cardiovascular system;

• enhances physical and mental activity;

• passes fatigue;

• increases efficiency.

Restorative massage is performed in the form of massage seinemaritime area, back massage and General massage. During this type of massage used the following methods:

• manual intermittent vibration (tapping, hack, stehanie);

• kneading;

• vigorous rubbing, deep strokes.

All of the above methods are performed at a fast pace, energetic. Tissue studied as deeply as possible. The main tonic is vibration, so it is very common for session tonic massage uses a variety of electrovibration and other auxiliary devices, accessories. In some massage propose a restorative massage in combination with cryo.

East point methods assume smooth execution of techniques of toning massage (Yin-techniques). Exposure is carried out in the course of the Meridian, the patient should barely catch feelings, which are not specifically seeking. Generally used methods of strokes and movement, rotation, pressure, touch, and friction pads of the fingers. Each point is massaged in 10-20 C.

The duration of the session toning massage is much less than relaxing. In total, the whole process takes no more than an hour. If you do not adhere to this time limit, there may be a glut in the body will prevail inhibition processes.

Very good restorative massage in the morning. These sessions are especially useful to those people in the first half of the day is haunted by a feeling of weakness, lethargy, lethargy. It is not advisable to take this massage after sunset.

Restorative massage will help to prepare for an important event. He is able to give the human body a powerful positive momentum throughout the day to recharge his energy, to give vitality.

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