Tomsk scientists with the participation of British colleagues have developed a "smart" capsules

The tool can be successfully used to deliver water-soluble compounds in a desired part of the body of the patient. Once in place, the capsule dissolves and releases inside her the drug. It is reported that this technology has no analogues.

The capsules significantly improve the effectiveness of drugs that are readily soluble in water and previously could not be delivered to the foci in such quantities.

It is also reported that specialists of Tomsk University during the last few decades was marked by a lot of similar inventions, including such methods of drug delivery such as: micelles, polymer-based, caspule of the so-called polyelectrolytes and liposomes.

However, until now, to completely avoid the seepage of liquid through a layer of substance in which it was packaged was not possible. That, in turn, lead to partial mixing of the active substance with the water-containing environments inside the body, and the effect of such treatment will simply not observed.

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