Tomsk scientists have assembled the device, destroying kidney stones using nanoemulsion

A research group from the Tomsk Institute of strength physics and materials science SB RAS offered his version of the apparatus for the destruction of kidney stone. Urolithiasis is a very common disease that affects up to half of the population of Russia in middle and old age. Interestingly, the disease is getting younger, and the stones are found even in children and adolescents.

The development of the Tomsk scientists have one advantage: the device uses the energy of the electro-charge. This allows you to work exclusively on the stone. Liquid medium and the kidney in this function, the kidney parenchyma is not destroyed. This is the efficiency of the method.

The device is fully compatible with the endoscope. The design is so arranged that the device can lead directly to the place of formation of stone.

Innovative development will be presented to the public at the forum U-NOVUS in Tomsk.

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