Tomatoes prolong youth and beauty

Scientists have discovered that better than expensive cosmetic creams skin from aging can protect tomatoes. These vegetables perfectly protect the skin from aging and the harmful effects of the sun thanks contained therein lycopene. Lycopene is a natural pigment and antioxidant, it makes tomatoes red, but in processed form - the ketchup, tomato pastures, it is most concentrated.

Researchers from the University of Newcastle conducted an experiment: within 12 weeks 20 women daily eating along with regular food 55 grams of tomato paste along with 10 grams of olive oil. Control group women were simultaneously added to food only 10 grams of oil without tomato paste. Both groups of women in the beginning of the study were exposed to ultraviolet light.

At maturity, it turned out that using tomato paste women were better protected from UV rays. The level of protection of the skin from sunburn increased by 33 percent, which is the tool for sun protection level of 1.3. In addition tomato paste increases the level of procollagen molecules, known to be responsible and elasticity of the skin. It is the lack of procollagen causes the signs of aging skin - wrinkles and sagging.

Doctors remind that to protect your skin in the best foods to eat on the tomatoes, and natural tomato paste, where the highest concentration of lycopene - a total of five spoons of pasta a day will give your skin elasticity and protects it in the summer.

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