Tomatoes are a natural analogue of antidepressants

According to The Daily Mail, according to a study of about 1000 people aged 70 years, the probability of depression is reduced by eating tomatoes several times a week.

On the recommendations of scientists from China and Japan, led by Dr. Kizuna Nude from Tianjin Medical University, there are tomatoes need from 2 to 6 times a week. When this graph nutrition specialists diagnosed people depressed by 46% less than those fed a tomato fewer times per week.

In accordance with statistics, depression at least once in life there are 20% of people. Often this issue is encountered by women and older people who suffer from age-related difficulties. Tomatoes contain large quantities of antioxidants, lycopene, providing reduction of prostate cancer and heart attacks.

"Suspicion" scientists was exactly lycopene, in fact, reducing oxidative stress, can have a positive impact on physics and psyche, as this reduces damage to the brain cells. That is why, eating tomatoes daily, you can reduce the risk of depression by 52%. But in other vegetables such effect is not detected.

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