Tolerance of alcohol depends on the age of the person

Scientists have tried to understand why women get drunk faster than men from drinking. It turned out, it's not just the enzymes processing the alcohol. Of additional interest is the impact of the water content in the body and a person's age, tells The Sydney Morning Herald.

Alcohol is especially harmful for the elderly. Statistics are scary. Every third pensioner, according to the latest data, in varying degrees, goes through with alcohol. Moreover, many people begin seriously to drink in the elderly.

In old age the alcohol effect on a person faster and stronger. In the body and so reduces the amount of water and alcohol dehydrogenase (the enzyme that breaks down alcohol). As a result, even small doses of alcohol detrimental impact on health.

Scientists recommend older people to give up alcohol in favor of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. More alcohol interacts badly with a number of drugs from age-related diseases, for example, with medications to reduce pressure.

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