Today's generation of people ages 15 years earlier

Poor health of modern people leads to the fact that they are 15 years older than their parents or grandparents when they were at the same age. Modern people are more likely to suffer from diabetes, obesity and hypertension, when compared to the generation of the fathers or grandfathers. This conclusion came the Dutch scientists from the National Institute of public health and the environment.

Their research was that the Dutch experts have observed the state of health 6 thousand people at the age of 20, 30, 40, 50 years. The experiment lasted 25 years. As a result, scientists have the following picture: metabolic health of a new generation of more weak. For example, young men thirty years of age have a greater tendency to be overweight than the previous generation, twenty-year-old girls are 2 times more likely to suffer from obesity than women who were born ten years earlier.

Both sexes suffered from high blood pressure than the older generation and the young people were more prone to diabetes than their grandfathers or fathers in their current age. According to the author of the study Dr. maintaining Hulsey, to date, the level of obesity in forty-year-old people of both sexes the same as it was observed in the older generation at the age of fifty-five years. The scientist also noted that the greatest danger for today's generation represents obesity, and it is necessary first of all to pay attention.

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