Today will be known the names of Nobel laureates in medicine

The Nobel prize is one of the key events in science. Every year she celebrates the most active researchers and scientists who made important discoveries on a global scale.

Today, 6 October, the Nobel prize Committee will announce the prize winners in medicine, physiology and other disciplines. To be awarded will take place in Stockholm (Sweden). Brings together leading medical specialists and psychologists.

Under current rules a complete list of candidates for the prize will be known only 50 years after the conclusion of the annual award. Today, the world knows only the winners of the Nobel prize in different scientific fields.

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In 2013, won the team of three scientists: Randy Shekman, James Rothman and Thomas Sudhof. The prize was awarded for the discovery of the mechanism of vesicular transport. Molecules move across the cell and can be released into the environment. Thanks vesicular transport, established scientists, possible exact address transfer proteins.

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