Tobacco smoke can contribute to hearing loss in children

Many people have heard that Smoking during pregnancy adversely affects children's health. In particular, cigarette smoke can lead to hearing loss after birth. This claim Japanese scientists who conducted an experiment among 50 thousand 3 year old toddlers. Mothers approximately 15% of the volunteers had smoked during the period of gestation. According to The Hindustan Times, nearly 4% of the subjects were under the influence of tobacco smoke in infancy.

To detect hearing problems managed at 4.6% of all children who participated in the study. This figure is 26% higher than in babies whose mothers avoided Smoking during pregnancy and the early postpartum period. Those who were exposed to smoke when reaching 4 months, this risk is 30% higher.

If we talk about the influence of the tobacco smoke only at the time of pregnancy, the chances of face problems are growing by 68%. When exposed during gestation, and at the age of 4 months, the risk increases almost 2.5 times. The researchers highly recommend Smoking to pregnant women. Moreover, they appeal to the protection of young children from the effects of cigarette smoke.

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