Tobacco smoke affects the health of the child

The fact that Smoking is bad, everyone knows. Many people know about the dangers of "passive Smoking". However, now there is conclusive scientific evidence on the validity of such approach. So, scientists at the University of Nottingham has shown that the so-called "passive Smoking" in children increases the risk of meningitis in an aggressive form, RIA Novosti reported. This type of disease is most dangerous. Affecting the lungs, joints, and blood cells in young growing organism, like an infectious disease can even lead to death (in 20% of cases). A large number of survivors of the disease experience of serious damage to health in the field of neurology, and also have a number of behavioral disorders.

During a series of research assistants came to the conclusion that tobacco smoke increases the risk of the most dangerous invasive forms of meningococcal disease. The risk is increased in children under five, and to the fetus during pregnancy it is tripled. As said research leader Rachel Murray, only in the UK more than 630 children a year become infected with meningococcus in aggressive form due to passive Smoking. Alas, how the smoke affects the increase in the incidence, it is still not installed.

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