Tobacco companies hide information about radioactivity cigarettes

The study by researchers from the University of California and a research laboratory in Los Angeles came to the conclusion that for years the tobacco companies hid the fact that tobacco smoke is potentially lethal to humans.

Analysis of internal documents of the tobacco industry shows that she already knew about the risk of radioactivity, having made this discovery about five years ago. The danger of radioactivity smoke contained in the isotopes of polonium-210, it contains all the commercial brands of cigarettes. It was found that the radioactivity of smoke, the tobacco industry has been well aware since 1959, additionally, the industry has conducted research on the probability of developing cancer from inhalation of such smoke.

Research scientists also found that the tobacco industry has not taken any action to prevent the contents in cigarettes polonium-210.

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Representatives of tobacco companies declined to comment on the situation. The representative of the company British American Tobacco said that research on the content in cigarettes polonium-210 were held back in the 1950-ies is quite open, so to blame the tobacco companies in the concealment of information scientists had no right.

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