To this day men and women were treated equally

Experts on gender medicine claim that during treatment of men and women, the approach should differ radically. And it's not just the different behavior between the sexes: there are objective differences between male and female body, according to "Deutsche Welle".

It should be noted that quite a long time ignored the fact that the difference in the field portability of diseases between the sexes still exists. Quite recently established medical industry, namely gender medicine believes that during therapy and treatment of men and women need to apply as different medications and different approaches.

For example, it was found that due to differences in body weight, the amount of water in the body and distribution of fat tissue, many drugs, administered to women who remain in their body for much longer, and therefore: we need to give them the drug in smaller doses.

The same can be said about the transplantation of male donor organs to women and Vice versa. For example, female kidney is worse than taking root in a male body because it contains fewer nephrons, which are responsible for filtering urine.

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As for the prosthesis, it is not all right, because the production of standard prostheses ignores the fact that female joints more mobile, and that the shape of the pelvis of men and women also have their differences.

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