To the partial shutdown of the brain results in viewing pornography

Changes in the brain causes the viewing of pornographic films, which leads to "off" segment, which is responsible for processing visual stimuli character, revealed in the new research. This happens, in any case, in women, according to LiveScience.

A team of scientists from the Center of medicine of the University of Groningen conducted the scan of the visual primary cortex of 12 healthy ladies of childbearing age heterosexual orientation. All the subjects were taken drugs hormonal contraception, which smooths fluctuations sexual mood, having a relationship with the menstrual cycle.

Lovely ladies offered a view of the three films, which was attended by the sex scenes, consisting of preludes, manual stimulation and oral sex and vaginal intercourse. In viewing period was carried out studies of the brain of women using emission-positron tomography, registering the intensity of the blood current in the various segments of the brain.

A rush of blood to any of the segments of the head is striking evidence of its activity. But at the same time, the obtained results demonstrated that while watching a very explicit scenes, in the primary visual cortex blood did much less, in other words, this segment has become inactive.

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