To the death of the mother of many children brought excessive consumption of Coca-Cola

"It is possible that the drink "Coca-Cola" will be deadly, if this drink to abuse. At the age of 30 years died a resident of New Zealand due to cardiac arrhythmia," says the Agency Ridus, citing the official website of the

Doctors found that the cause of diseases of the deceased, including irritability, fatigue and vomiting was drinking so popular among the population of the drink. According to data collected by journalists facts Natasha Mary Harris drank about 7-10 liters of soda a day.

Chris Hodgkinson - business partner Harris stated that she had about a year was observed health problems. She had complaints of frequent vomiting, fatigue, and full of everything apathy, but the household these symptoms were related to gynaecological problems, and reactions to stress and fatigue from caring for eight children.

Now accused in all the popular soda. "Natasha Mary drank about ten liters per day. Household per day bought four 2.5-liter bottles, and they are almost completely drank Natasha", told reporters Chris Hodgkinson.

Doctors at the deceased mother of many children have been established symptoms of severe addiction. The woman, not drinking in the morning traditional coke had become irritable and lethargic person. After opening Natasha Harris physicians was delivered post-mortem diagnosis of severe hypokalemia and poisoning by caffeine".

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