To strengthen the muscles and to cure aching joints will help fitoval

The results of a study presented at the Congress of the European League against rheumatism EULAR 2013, which showed that exercise with futbolom help treat patients with ankylosing spondylitis (a form of arthritis).

The experiment was conducted by experts of the Brazilian Federal University of são Paulo. Volunteers who took part, were divided into two subgroups. The first subgroup worked with futbolom twice a week for 16 weeks. The control subgroup with futbolom was not engaged. The result of the study was the conclusion that these exercises strengthen muscles and increase productivity while walking.

Marcelo de Souza, author of the study, noted that patients often underestimate the positive result of such training, but rather fear of ill health. Research has shown that these concerns are unfounded.

Note that ankylosing spondylitis is an inflammation of the intervertebral joints, which leads to their fusion, which significantly restricts movement. The disease is progressive, but timely treatment can resist. The main goal of treatment is blocking the development of the disease. There is therefore a need for regular medical examination and, judging by the results of a new study, carry out preventive activities with futbolom.

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