To stop the epidemic of influenza can spray new

Seasonal influenza and the common cold can be suspended using the world's first spray for the prevention of influenza. Antiseptic spray aerosol, was developed by American scientists, to relieve the suffering of millions of people every year with the flu.

Developed by a team of physicians spray to the oral cavity called Halo Oral Antiseptic will be able to cope with 99.9% of germs. According to scientists, Halo will be able to protect individuals from infectious respiratory viruses, airborne, for example, influenza and rhinoviruses. In the composition of the spray glycerin and xanthan gum, which create a barrier to microbes and cetylpyridinium often used as a tool against bacteria in the fight against respiratory diseases. Tested antiseptic mouth passed on clinical strains of H1N1 2009, stored in the laboratory of the clinic of the pandemic. At this stage of the experiment antiseptic spray showed very good results.

Moreover, scientists have found that the spray can completely destroy all 11 clinical strains of whooping cough. Brasov anticaptcha in your mouth, you can be sure that the mouth is cleared from germs for up to 6 hours. Moreover, this result persists even if the person is drinking or eating, after using the spray. A new convenient tool for fighting colds already appeared on the shelves of pharmacies of America.

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