To stop procrastinating important things just, say scientists

Researchers from the University of southern California and the University of Michigan I assure you, to stop putting things for later is easy. It helps to understand the future is closer than we think. It is reported by Psych Central.

In experiment took part 162 volunteers. They were asked to imagine a serious preparation for the event and to say when it should happen. The first group called time in days, the second in months, and the third in years. The volunteers from the first group event was planned by 29.6 days earlier than in volunteers from the second group.

In the second experiment, 1,100 people were asked at what age they will begin to save money for College or retirement. Admission to a College for their children, the subjects began to plan for 18 years, and own a pension for 30-40 years.

Measuring time in days accelerates the subjective passage of time and is highly motivating scientists believe and offer to act here and now, in order not to regret in vain past years.

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