To stay brain healthy will help physical activity

Scottish scientists from Edinburgh University has decided to conduct a study of the influence of regular exercise on cognitive abilities of older people. It is no secret that the addition of age is accompanied by a reduction of the brain, the deterioration in the communication between nerve cells and a decrease in their number. All this leads to the elderly problems with memory and thinking disorders.

His research experts have covered all 700 participants aged 70 years, to the exercise regularly for health which for three years had been under surveillance.

At the beginning of the specified period and at the end of the scientists scanned the brains of subjects and compared the obtained data with the results shown by the participants in the control group, performing these exercises regularly. It was found that in older people, observing regularity during exercise, the brain is better protected from age-related changes than those who have taken this time from case to case.

At the same time, psychologists have noted the absence of any benefit for the health of the brain of the elderly from their participation in social projects or studies on the psychological training.

As the authors of the study results give grounds to speak about the exercises as one of the important ways to maintain brain health. In any case, they are able to slow down the rate at which reduced its size.

Also research has shown that physical activity 70-year-old and older people contributes to maintaining the integrity of white matter and gray matter volume of the brain, confirming what was found in the scan results.

According to the head of the research team of Dr. Alan Gow, University of Edinburgh, the results of the study prove that if one wants to maintain a healthy brain, it should move more, and not to indulge in sedentary lifestyle. In the next stage of the study, the researchers hope to discover the cause of such phenomena. And now one thing is clear that with increasing physical activity, even if it is expressed by several minutes of daily walking, the brain receives support in the preservation of his health.

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