To starvation or overeating people pushing the absence of psychological support

If a person feels no support after contact with violence or serious loss, it has the risk of becoming a victim of a disorder associated with dietary behavior. For individuals even minor changes, such as changing schools or places of residence, sometimes becomes a cause of the development of bulimia, says the study by the University of Minnesota.

Scientists under the leadership of Jiriki M Berg conducted a survey of persons age category from 17 to 64-year-old, who underwent treatment of disorders associated with eating behavior, the Agency Postnoon. Many respondents talked about it, what problems they had to overcome is the transition to high school, leaving home, moving to study in College, and longing for the family and her school friends.

For example, one of the women had experienced incredible hardships, in psychological terms, the College that she always felt a sense of complete loneliness. As a result the woman just stopped to eat.

Many daily used to get some bit of care and affection in his house. Being with the world one on one, not everyone will be able to get it. Someone was influenced by her parents ' divorce, breakup with a partner, the emergence of new people into the life of a parent, and the latter had paid these "newcomers" a lot of attention. Also, when the death of close people had no idea how to overcome depression and emotional emptiness.

"The sister of one of the patients died when she was just five years old. Nobody with her about not talking, and the girl feel anxiety began to seize. The other patient's mother died, and the girl found herself in a situation of perfect freedom, without any emotional support. In the end, she just lost control," says Berg.

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