To sleep in during the weekend to harm health

Many people on a stable work schedule prefer enough sleep during the week in order to compensate for the lack of sleep on Sunday. However, scientists from the University of Texas concluded that this practice is harmful to health.

Occupati on weekends, it is impossible to compensate for the lack of sleep on other days. And the longer a man sleeps on the free days, the more it fails in its internal clock, which may affect self-perception on Monday morning. For a long time sleeping in Sunday, even just for an hour longer than usual, then the whole week it will not leave a feeling of sleepiness, because the body will not be able to instantly adjust to a new "early" mode.

Because lack of sleep should be treated no later recovery, and go to bed early, even on Saturday and Friday. Then the body will get used to waking up early and during the week you will not suffer from lack of sleep.

Weekends should not sleep more than eight hours, and go to bed no later than midnight, then a failure in the internal clock will not happen.

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