To respond aggressively to the stress men makes gene SRY

In the case when a man is under stress, the body responds in a specific way. Externally it may be a manifestation of the growing aggression. "Australian professionals identified a gene that is behind the phenomenon of aggression", - the newspaper writes Live Science.

The control response to stress leads sympathetic nervous system, which when the voltage starts to get out of it: the heart rate increases, and this increases the pressure, and breathing becomes more frequent. As a result, a man faced with a "potential enemy", or resists, or retreat to escape.

Monash University and research Institute of medicine, Prince Henry is convinced: "the uniqueness of the reactions of men, resulting in increased aggressiveness, based on the gene SRY. This gene during fetal development, the testicles plays a key role, however, as it turned out, this gene is still especially important for the heart, brain and lungs.

The point here is that SRY still involved in the release of dopamine, which is essential for movement. Dopamine is expressed in the adrenal glands, which produce adrenaline and noradrenaline. All of the above three compounds may be involved in regulation of stress response.

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